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There are so many different keyboards on the market that is is hard to choose. Here we rate the keyboards by usability, styles, peformance and durability to bring you the best keyboards yet. Not every keyboard will suit every person and the type of keyboard you need depends on the type of work that you do or what you need it for. Starting from simple keyboards and ending in gadget full gaming keyboards find the perfect keyboard for you today

Wer have been designing bespoke keyboards, for start-up businesses, SME's and blue chip corporates since 1998. We are based in Surrey at Royal Holloway University of London in Egham, our website designers expertise embraces flash multimedia, static brochure websites, database driven and E-commerce websites.

We have experience of keyboards across a broad spectrum of businesses catering for the education sector, the property market in respect of estate agents and property developers, the science and healthcare sector and transport and facility management sectors to name a few.

We tailor each keyboard around your needs and requirements.There is NO such thing in our business as a template, where we populate a standard design format with your content and branding and make it fit.

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We are diverse, experienced, and passionate about this industry and its future. With backgrounds in design, technology and branding or wherever new ideas are born. We come together to define and create unrivalled unique user experiences.

Why Cherry Keyboards

OW is a well-matched team of creative people for whom work is a passion. Very good solutions and caring about details are our biggest strengths of our company. You have found a place where creative and dynamic people working in a field of web design, logotypes, identity & branding, print production, online shopping do the best for their clients.

Cooling down your laptop.

Cooler for Lap tops

Sitting on a train, plane or even in front of your TV with your laptop resting carefully on your lap, desk or even the coffee table, you can feel the heat starting to escape from it. You need to cool it down but work is far more important at that moment and if it blows.. oh well!
There is a solution to this, as I have found.
An auxiliary cooler for laptop computers has been designed to prevent them from overheating, particularly in cramped conditions where there is inadequate natural cooling. The fan assembly also forms an ergonomic stand for the laptop that slants the keyboard at 6º and therefore produces less wrist strain.
These coolers are suitable for all laptops from 10.4 to 15 inches. The cooler is connected to the laptop via a simple adapter and is powered from the laptop USB port. Two fans, which are controlled by a three-way switch providing on/off and a choice of speeds, force air into the cooling ducts of the laptop.

Low speed is 2,500 rev/min and provides airflow of 3.26 litres/sec (6.9CFM) while the high-speed mode of 3,400 rev/min provides 4.34 litres/sec (9.2CFM). Power consumption is only 2W and an adaptor is available for mains operation.
At last, a solution to that warm feeling.

Looking for a children’s keyboard?

A new keyboard designed for children and those with special needs.

A new keyboard specifically designed to help children, particularly those with special needs, including dyslexia, become familiar and practiced in the use of computer keyboards is now available from

The Startaboard is the same size as a conventional keyboard but the keys are larger making them much easier to operate. In addition, the imaginative colour coding of purple, green, red, yellow and blue identifying the vowels, consonants, numbers, punctuation and function keys makes them much easier to recognise and assimilate.

Children are also far more comfortable with the lettering that is all lower case.

This wired keyboard, which will prove of great value to children and teachers alike, works straight out of the box and is available with Combo PS/2 USB interface versions and is compatible with all the Windows operating systems including Vista.